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                                                                              Our Mission

It is time to wear your Natural Hair Curls out! When buying hair care products, it is imperative that you look for a product with natural ingredients and products that have the power to moisturize your hair for a long time. While many products available on store shelves will provide moisture for only a few hours, our products are made to moisturize your hair in all weather conditions and all day.

Here at Bercco , our mission is to produce hair products made with, and loaded with Natural organic ingredients, beneficial for a variety of hair types with extra attention to curly or kinky hair. Our products are both Sulfate and Paraben free, and are designed for the special needs of curly hair to include extra hydration and a gentler wash, with luxurious conditioning. We make use of Pure Moroccan Argan oil to create products that help moisturize, and retain length by preventing breakage, fighting dandruff through its high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants. Your Textured and curly hair can now enjoy and stand any weather types.

Bercco products are formulated by a Nurse Practitioner Berline who understands Nutrition requirements that is a must for all hair types,especially curly or kinky hair that needs that extra attention. After so many years of struggling with her kinky 4 c hair and not finding products that agreed with her hair, Berline came up with a formula that not only maintained her hair growth and grew it from barely neck length to Bra strap length in one year. Using Bercco products regularly helps you retain moisture, and keep your hair healthy in any weather type. Our Goal at Bercco is to help our customers stop and prevent breakage so that they can see the growth and Maintain the length as well as thickness. Your Hair Journey begins here and remember, consistency with your Bercco products and Patience is the Key to long healthy and radiant Hair!

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